Originated in 2011, the Refinery Gallery projects was an initiative of SLOVNAFT Plc. and ADOM. M STUDIO, Ltd . The purpose of the project is to preserve the industrial message of the respective location throughout the renovation of two rather old halls, which used to serve as an assembly hall and a warehouse. The architects’ aim was to bring a new cultural function into the clearly industrial area using top quality architectural alterations of the building, which is to provide space for various cultural and social events, and exhibitions.

Permanent exhibition displayed in the building's interior and exterior presents the history and development of Slovnaft, Corp., which recommenced its business after the Apollo refinery had been destroyed during the war. You will definitely be impressed, and maybe a bit nostalgic, after viewing archive photos and contemporary refine artifacts taken in already unexploited production halls and warehouse of the company.

Smooth running of Refinery Gallery is provided by the company in public eyes associated with the well-known design factory which main activity is to present contemporary architecture, design and art. Since its set-up in 2005, it has successfully organized over 300 events for professionals and non-professionals, inland events and events organized in a close cooperation with several embassies.