Refinery Gallery represents nontraditional and highly attractive space for company events, presentations, seminars, ceremonies, fashion shows, musical, cultural and social events for invited business associates, employees or the public. The Refinery Gallery space can be flexibly tailor-made for a specific purpose and the capacity is 1 200 people. After opening the second part the capacity will increase up to a 2 500 people in 2013. The halls will be suitable for organizing balls, or other cultural, business or social events.

Unique atmosphere of the venue underlined by historical photos and the period artifacts of production devices used in the Slovnaft factories, which are parts of the Gallery’s interior and exterior arranged as an outdoor green terrace with seats, will leave you with an unforgettable impression.

Free of charge parking for the visitors is on the Refinery Gallery premises.

Visit or contact us using the contacts on the website and we will help you to give a shape to your unforgettable party or promo event for your company or business associates.